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Don't yank my chain!

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Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 71

On Thursday - February 26th, 2015 18:00:30

Well, at least Biff got off to a good start, there, carving through those United Henchmen of Germanada. But then he fumbled the ball a bit at the last moment, like he often does - in his defense, he’s used to wireless remote technology, so naturally he didn’t really know what a lanyard trigger was. Now he knows, but it’s a bit late…if he even remembers it later, it could easily be that the discharge of the gun distracts him just a tiny little bit from the lesson of the day ("Don’t jerk the jerk with the lanyard").

I couldn’t find a suitable picture of a Big Bertha firing, so I substituted one from a supergun from a later war - after all, B-movies are notorious for using barely related stock footage to depict military equipment.

Biff deserves credit for remembering a plot-point from “The Usual Suspects”, though, even if he can’t keep his Kaisers, Keyzers and Kaizas straight…

More on Monday.


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