UFO - Enemy Uninteresting
UFO - Enemy Uninteresting

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Chap. 6, Epilogue 11

On Monday - September 25th, 2017 15:20:40

First off, I’ll repeat my announcement from last Monday:


Announcement part the first: Scheduling
This update is the FINAL epilogue to this chapter, the NEW CHAPTER will begin posting on September 28th.

Announcement part the second: Technical
Concurrently with the new chapter, we will be moving to a new site with a new webhost. The URL will remain the same, but during the moving process, the site will be temporarily offline - so don’t worry if you can’t reach the site at some point after today, or if it’s a bit wonky once it’s back. There will be technical issues, but they should be only temporary, and if all goes as planned, it should all be sorted out by the 28th, so please bear with us.

The forums will be shutting down permanently at the same time, since the new site will feature a comment section that’ll allow you to comment or ask questions directly below the respective strip, if you’re so inclined.


Second off, on with the final epilogue, tying up (or somesuch) a final loose thread: the Glocke. It didn’t really play any meaningful part in this chapter, but you know how thing like that thing never really go away? Not existing hasn’t stopped the Glocke from popping up in real life over and over again, how could it fail to show up again in a fiction world where it actually existed? Not at all, is how.

So show up it does…but to prevent it from causing any trouble, I’ve tasked trusty old Captain Hawker Valiant (from two chapters back) with the task of being the only person to spot it. He’s become really good at completely ignoring anything slightly out of the ordinary he might encounter on one of his flights, and he comes through with that here. Admittedly, his studied lack of attention has caused him to crash a few planes here and there, but it kept him safely out getting involved in any bizarre craziness like back a while ago. (This proneness to accidents is also the reason why he sticks with flying real planes, not one of these modern aluminium-foil-contraptions that fall to pieces if you try to land them with the undercarriage up.)

So, that’s really is it for this chapter! Hope you enjoyed it, and that you’ll check out the next one!

More on Mon…uh, Thursday!

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