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Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 112

On Thursday - June 15th, 2017 17:01:01

Now that Biff has had his turn in the spotlight, it’s Lt. Dapi’s turn to showcase his mental acuity.

And this switch in the lead is highly appropriate…for not only is Biff mentally exhausted by now, but today’s intellectual-achievement-of-the-day demands a clear understanding of some elements of Japanese popular culture, for which Lt. Dapi is naturally more qualified.

This starts out with his idea to relocate to the rooftop of a nearby highschool. While Biff might have been taught to think of such areas as ‘off-limits’, Dapi knows that all really important encounters involving high-school aged characters happen either on the way to school or on the rooftop.

The next step is attracting the required cat-girl, and here again Lt. Dapi shows acute planning and foresight. He sets up Biff as the perfect central character for a harem comedy plot, but then adds a fictitious cat allergy as a crucial extra details - this otherwise harmless affliction holds such comedic potential that it’s now 80% likely that one of the girls in Biff’s harem group would be a cat-girl…with the other 20% being the probability that all of the girls in Biff’s harem group would be cat-girls.

And by providing no other specific comedy hook, Lt. Dapi ensures that the cat-girl will, in fact, be the first to show up. With the next girl at least six pages to a whole chapter behind, they have enough time to clear out before the other girls arrive…and they would better do so, because otherwise they won’t get anything done before chaos inevitably descends.

Oh, and for anyone interested, Mopey’s pet octopus’ name is Socks - named after the cute way in which he socks people over the head with his arms before dragging their unconscious bodies back to his lair. He’s…a bit larger than a normal octopus, because the Professor wanted to try out something. ._.

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