From a certain perspective
From a certain perspective

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From a certain perspective

On Monday - January 25th, 2010 14:17:44

If a Jedi master ever reaches a point where changing the rules is no longer enough, the next logical step is bending the rules. Obi was never that strong on the whole patience shtick, however, so he went straight for the penultimate step: breaking the rules. (The ultimate step, if the breaking bit had failed, would have been lying on the floor in a fetal position and crying. You’d be surprised how often you can catch the Dark Side by surprise with that tactic.)

And, yeah - all of the chests were empty. The masters had hoped that repeated experiences of frustration would help Snuka control his urges, but that didn’t have too much of an effect. Pavlov can only take you so far - you might be able to make a dog salivate by ringing a bell, you’ll not get the dog to starve itself by not ringing.

‘From a certain perspective’ is one of Obi’s favourite phrases, obviously. Jedi history will record that Snuka was given a single, final chance, and that he passed the test effortlessly, proving the wisdom of the masters in granting him that chance. The number of final chances before the last one (1503, for anyone interested) and the fact that Snuka’s lack of effort coincided with a lack of consciousness will be deemed to be of marginal importance only, and be generously omitted from the history books - it would just cloud the big picture, you see.

But, you’ll have to admit, Obi’s been very successful in his career using such methods. From a certain perspective.

More on Thursday.

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