The moral has landed
The moral has landed

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The moral has landed

On Monday - April 12th, 2010 16:02:24

Picking up the thread from where I left it before the April’s Fool strips, delivery of the movie’s moral is now complete.

Yes, in B-movieland the Heavens are the source of all morality - not in the religious sense, just because you have to drop an anvil from a considerable height if you want to ensure maximum impact. And maximum impact is what most B-movies with a moral go for - after all, if you bother to have a message, you have to make sure that even the most inattentive members of the audience can’t miss it, or it wouldn’t be worth the effort. This is most elegantly done by being blatantly obvious, and then adding sheer exposition on top of it - this goes doubly for (the frequent) cases where the movie’s moral actually contradicts everything that happens in the movie. In fact, in these cases you should probably have several characters do the exposition over and over again, just to be sure. Or randomly introduce a wise hermit, super-evolved Alien being or Ghandi/Jesus to deliver the moral, just for good measure.

This doesn’t have to mean, however, that the moral lessons in B-movies need to be simplistic - there is still enough room for a certain ambiguity. After all, who says you can only be hit by a single anvil - two anvils have a lot more impact, especially if coming from opposite directions.

I had considered various ways to securely deliver the moral, including sky-writing Aliens or the whole cast suddenly breaking out in song. But then, as usual, I decided to stick with a classic. London type, 300 lbs, black iron.

More on Thursday.

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