Rodents of Unusual Size
Rodents of Unusual Size

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Chap. 3, Act 1, Strip 10

On Monday - July 26th, 2010 11:40:05

Well, Mopey’s question is not as unwarranted as it might at first appear - B-movies used to be very fond of international cooperation, for a while, and especially science-fiction movies of the 50ies and 60ies depicted the UN as playing a much more central role in a future world than would ultimately be realized (up to now, at least). Based on B-movie predictions regarding the future status of the UN, they should have easily been able to deal with the recalcitrant German garrison with its vast armies of flying submarines or giant, robotic gorillas, controlled from the giant space station that serves as its orbiting headquarters. Reality fell somewhat short of the B-movie vision, as it did in a number of other fields.

And Mopey’s question at least served to set up the Professor to utter a sentence with recently and suddenly in it, trigger words for any experienced B-movie watcher. In B-movie exposition sequences, all really relevant pieces of information are either very ancient or very recent.

Please ignore the giant naked molerat in the background of the UN headquarters picture - the only stock footage George had available was from a kaiju movie, but he hoped that nobody would notice it that far in the background. And rodents of unusual size in New York aren’t unheard of, anyway. (In the context of what I said earlier about the role of the UN in B-movies, a few Japanese movies had the headquarters building attacked by giant monsters or Aliens, while American movies tend to hold other New York landmarks as much worthier of destruction.)

As for the last panel, there are more traditional ways to depict anthropomorphized nations, but I’m pretty sure that Axis Powers Hetalia will soon supplant them all completely, anyway. And, yeah, there has been, at times, just a tiny little bit of tension between Greece and Turkey. Nothing serious, you see, just an argument about whether doner kebap or gyros came first. *cough*andalittlewarortwo*cough*

More on Thursday.

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