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Permanently retired

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Chap. 3, Act 1, Strip 46

On Monday - November 29th, 2010 18:09:05

A surefire sign of the approaching demise of a B-movie character can be found in the reaction of other characters - if, upon bidding farewell to the character in question, they suddenly deliver an epitaph-style short and succinct summary of that character’s life or personality, they are already as dead as a very dead doorknob. It’s a bit of a verbal equivalent of the cliche of one’s life flashing before one’s eyes - just that it’s done for the benefit of the audience, and not very extensively. (Doesn’t work in real life, though - you can’t kill people just by delivering a witty statement. But it’ll still impress people and give you the reputation of a philosopher, so just go for it, anyway.)

As for the Colonel’s cause of death, things like that are sometimes a bit inconsistent in B-movies - you know, it’s not that the scriptwriters are bad, but between writing and re-writing, and leaving some marginal details to be filled in later, and the bother of flipping two pages back to check what you wrote an hour ago. Pro-tip: if you use a random draw of “Clue” cards to determine the cause of death, jot down which card you drew, and refer to that note - do not draw a new card for every new page of script if there is only a single homicide.

One B-movie law got broken, however - when elderly characters are killed by villains, it should be shortly before retirement, not immediately afterward. It’s more emotional that way. They say.

Concerning the last panel, there are special rigs to enable an actor to be suspended, seemingly hung, without causing any damage - if they work properly, that is. Accidents and near accidents happen, though - so Nolan went for the safer and cheaper version: just leave the actor’s feet out of the frame so they can stand on a chair without anybody noticing. George Geekish completely agreed with the choice, because he had witnessed one such, fortunately non-fatal, accident recently - although he didn’t understand all the fuzz about it. Lee had always complained about being to short, he should have been happy about the extra inch. And it’s not like he could no longer hold his head straight - he can. He just needs to use his hands. ._.

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