Sir, hadn't you better buckle up?
Sir, hadn't you better buckle up?

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Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 2

On Thursday - September 15th, 2011 11:07:05

And that’s why a responsible superior always conducts a thought experiment before issuing orders. It prevents accidents which would be both painful as well as silly. And the Professor would be particularly susceptible in this case, because he doesn’t even wear a helmet.

Admittedly, in reality it might not have went exactly like the Professor envisioned, but at the end of the day he knows his old friend Sir Lostalot too well not to know that whatever the highest speed setting on the newly installed engines is, it’s too damn high. And yes, “full steam ahead” is not the highest setting, but a much safer, lower one - that’s because ludicrous speed is not achieved with steam, but with the atomic breath of a captive baby godzilla. And if you think that’s a far-fetched power source for a ship, remember that British engineering was what (nearly) gave us the chicken-powered nuclear bomb. ._.

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