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To master Sofa's correpondence course "Jedi" welcome you I do. Jedis trained I have for 400 years, and not hope given up I have, that some day, one pupil not dark side will switch to.
First to learn you will have, that the force surround everywhere us does. Between you and me it is, and between me and the sixpack, and between me and the chips, and between me and the TV. Enlightened the remote is.
Trying is not enough. I not try to eat the chips, I just do it.

The b-movie comic you study carefully now. All the secrets of the universe in it contained are. Not forget you from the shop to buy merchandise, your master flatscreen TV covets, and expensive it is very.

Then, your greatest fear confront you will have to. If come back you do alive, another sixpack bring along for your master.

Go now, your master meditation on "Loveboat" has to do.!

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