March to the sound of the guns.
March to the sound of the guns.

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Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 27

On Monday - August 22nd, 2016 18:37:02

Yeah, Mopey is very likely on the right track here. The Professor isn’t of course responsible for absolutely every single explosion that happens somewhere, but in his immediate vicinity the explosions caused by him always vastly outnumber the explosions caused by anyone else - so statistics are on Mopey’s side.

The Professor’s not proud of the fact, of course, but he feels it’s the necessary price of scientific progress. You can’t make omelette without breaking eggs…and if you break the eggs explosively, they’ll scatter over a much wider area and save you a lot of time that way.

Mopey has always had good luck with her teachers, it seems…Professor Dr. taught her all about science, and Professor Ninjanopolous taught her much about sneaking and spying. Now if she only could find a good English prof to teach her the proper use of metaphor, she’d be all set for this.

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