Meet Ugahrull (you already know him)
Meet Ugahrull (you already know him)

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Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 10

On Thursday - June 23rd, 2016 19:23:35

Dang, that stomp happened just at the worst possible moment. They got this *holds fingers 0.5 inches apart* close to revealing the answer to one of the questions that has always vexed me, in connection with kaiju movies: How do Japanese people always know the name of a kaiju the very first time it shows up?

I mean, is kaiju lore a mandatory subject in Japanese schools? Are kaiju names only shortened, but precise descriptions of a kaiju’s appearance? Is there a government office of kaiju naming that assigns and disseminates the names immediately upon a kaiju’s approach? Questions over questions.

Anyway, in this case the first witnesses to a kaiju’s landfall are fishermen, as so often. I think kaiju movies are a major contributor to the decline of Japan’s fishing industry. Is it surprising that fewer and fewer young people are interested in a career as a fisherman, when the job is hard, demanding, underpaid and frequently involves getting stepped on by giant monsters?

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