The new Whore of Babylon revealed
The new Whore of Babylon revealed

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Intermission, Strip 9

On Thursday - May 28th, 2015 18:46:32

And here’s another of those little, subtle changes that our heroes inadvertently introduced into the timeline of their universe: on their earth, the capital of Italy is called New Rome, since Mopey accidentally burned the old Rome to the ground during their stop-over in Renaissance Italy.

But I’m sure it’s still a perfectly fine Rome, as splendorous as the original version. Perhaps they even took the opportunity to resolve some of the original’s issues with impractical street layout…although I kinda doubt it.

Anyway, aside from the slightly longer name New Rome’s still a magnificent city, the pope still lives there without being Justin Bieber in the slightest, and some people still refer to it as the “whore of Babylon” for some reason or other. So, no real harm done…

…aside from the massive loss of life, if you count that.

Still, no reason for Mopey to be still that embarrassed about it after all those centuries. After all, she didn’t do it on purpose.

Probably. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.


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