All-new act, same old incident
All-new act, same old incident

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Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 1

On Monday - May 23rd, 2016 20:25:04

Welcome to Act Four!

To start things off, we’ve got another obligatory bit - since this is the decisive act, it needs to start with a call-back to that other obligatory bit at the very start of Act One.

This time without the modesty shadows hiding the kaiju, of course - this time, it all takes part in broad daylight. Oh, and probably with a different ship being involved, of course. I assume. This are probably a different set of generic captain and generic first mate than in the first incident, they just look alike. Or perhaps they’re actually the same, and are just having an exceptionally unlucky couple of weeks. >_>

It doesn’t ultimately matter. Whether it’s the same ship and crew or not, I’ve gone all in and used a different stock image of a ship sinking! This time, it’s of SMS Blücher sinking during WWI. It works well with the Wilhelm scream, come to think of it. >_>

More on Thursday!

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