Taking the cross
Taking the cross

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Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 10

On Monday - July 28th, 2014 18:43:22

Grueziwohl, Herr Professor, and welcome to being a Swiss citizen. Please enjoy your flawless neutrality with Emmentaler and Schoki on top. Don’t forget to pick a starting language, there are four different ones on offer - collect them all!

I hope I made the Swiss thing obvious enough - to be on the safe side, I’ve included a folklorist outfit, Victorinox knife, wheel of cheese, scaled-down Alp-horn (full-size wouldn’t have fit the panel) and a cowbell. I think it should be enough, but of course some people would say it definitely requires MORE COWBELL! Because I’ve got a fever, and…*coughcoughcough*

But so much for Biff’s Afrikaner pride. He always kinda liked the idea he was descended from the Voortrekkers, and now it turns out people were actually just insulting him. Or rather, aptly describing him, as Mopey would insist. So now Biff’s ancestry is shrouded in mystery again - for that other lead provided by Mopey turned out false, as well. She had told Biff she was sure he must have some connection to the place, but after a lot of research Biff found out that there isn’t even any country called “Moronia". (For a while he thought his family might be from Monrovia, but listening very closely he convinced himself that, indeed, nobody was calling him a Monro.)

More on Thursday.


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