Women in Refrigerators.
Women in Refrigerators.

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Women in Refrigerators.

On Thursday - June 21st, 2007 17:45:41

Motivating a hero via putting his girlfriend into a refrigerator? Seems Mopey has been reading up on her comic book history. I’m very….well, I’m not sure whether “impressed” or “worried” is the right expression…

Anyway, her approach appears to have worked with Biff, who doesn’t seem to realize that his “girlfriend” can likely be thawed (or girlfried) and returned to life - or, rather, fully operational state. The fridge, however, will probably need a thorough defrosting, after drawing on its ability to freeze its content into a solid block of ice - something that all standard household refrigerators can do in comics, for some reason. (Although it’s probably not that much of a surprise, here, since it’s the Professor’s lab fridge.) In any case, Biff is now thoroughly motivated for the upcoming fight, even after the effects of his pep-talk had been so rudely shattered by Mopey’s knowledge of obscure languages. Since Snuka and the Professor are essentially self-motivating (money and science, respectively), I think everything should be set, now. Thus, more on Monday. (New voting incentive is up, too)

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