The Story of Menstruation...
The Story of Menstruation...

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... is a Story of Misunderstanding

On Thursday - March 30th, 2006 19:05:00

Thank you, Professor Doctor, for these insightful and highly educational remarks. I firmly believe everyone of us learned something from that, and that for this, the world is a better place now. While we still lack an explanation of the phenomenon itself, Prof. Dr.’s remarks on the cultural impact should be enough to warn all of us to stay away from the issue. Forever.

And, hey, I got to depict a merboy swimming in a vat of menstrual blood! Another item crossed out on my ’to do before I die’ list.

The book little Timmy is reading will have a profound influence on his life. It will teach him to think about baseball all the time, and he will later become a successful major league coach.

On Monday, today’s weirdness will give way to a more traditional plot-connected strip, but the new voting incentive going up today…was also created during one of my fits of weirdness. Kudos to anyone who gets that joke.

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