The last loose thread
The last loose thread

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The last loose thread

On Monday - June 21st, 2010 18:55:41

OK, OK - I admit I forgot about Bobby, who’s been in that trashcan since yesterday - or two years ago, depending on the scale of time you use. But aside from that, I think that his movie managed to tie up a much larger percentage of its loose threads than the average B-movie - not that it’s much of a consolation, given how the chapter went on (and on and on) for far longer than ever planned.

Well, it’s over now. Next chapter will not be taking place in Lillytown, so I won’t have a chance to let any of the characters make a little detour to get Bobby out of his predicament, but perhaps in the chapter after that. If he’s still alive by then, without any food or water.

Or, who knows, perhaps his friends will let him out. Although I kinda saw them heading in the other direction at high speed and with definite expressions of relief and joy on their faces.

Or Dungeon Master could prove to be really helpful and useful for once. Or perhaps, you know, not so much.

Ah, well, can’t make an omelette….

More on Thursday.

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