A new Beginning
A new Beginning

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Chap. 3, Act 1, Strip 1

On Friday - June 25th, 2010 2:29:58

And thus the new chapter is finally off the ground, as Nolan Noebucks starts on his newest, hillariously doomed, cinematographic venture: “20,ooo Leeks Below the Surface of the Ocean”. A movie about…well, he didn’t really get around to foreshadow it properly. Water, I’d assume. And vegetables, obviously.

The text for this introductory narration isn’t by me - it’s taken from the beginning of “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. I felt it had just the right mixture of pretentiousness and pseudo-science, with a little dash of pseudo-spirituality on top. A classic. Speaking of pseudo-science, I always particularly enjoyed the depiction of the Big Bang in that intro: formless fog wafting around, then suddenly: Bang! I mean, I realize that the depicting the Big Bang must be a challenge, but this rather literal approach has a certain George-Geekish like charm to it.

More on Monday.

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