Halloween 06: The Unmasking of Mopey!
Halloween 06: The Unmasking of Mopey!

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Halloween 06: The Unmasking of Mopey!

On Monday - October 30th, 2006 18:13:11

(Sorry about the longer load time, I hope you’ll feel the picture is worth it.)


And as a special Halloween treat, you finally get to see what is hidden behind Mopey’s veil of hair! Well, you *would* … normally … unfortunately, I just realized that I’ve used the wrong picture for panel five. See, I had two different files named “unmasking.jpg", and in my hurry to bring you this spectacular revelation, I must have used the wrong one. Silly me - but the *did* look pretty similar, anyway.

And, on top of it all, Maria and Michelle of Shounen-Ai Kudasai sent this awesomely awesome piece of fanart, which perfectly befits the gruesome occasion. Remember, the veil to the spirit world grows thinner around this time of the year, so don’t take harmless looking things at face value … Muahahahah! (comment continues below the picture.)

Biff horribly mutilated by bunny

As you’ve probably realized, today’s episode is a little hommage to one of the greatest of early horror films: ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ (1925), starring Lon Chaney. And the unmasking scene looping in panel five is one of the greatest of early horror moments in film … this first look at Lon Chaney’s painstakingly crafted make-up was a real audience shocker in its day, always resulting in screams and gasps from the audience, with some people even faintin or running out.

Lon Chaney not only lent his inimitable silent acting skill to the Phantom, he also created the groundbreaking make-up himself - not to mention *enduring* it during filming. Key components of the make-up were various hooks and wires he used to -literally- deform his normally good-looking face into something that came very close to the skull-like appearance the Phantom had in Gaston Leroux’ original novel. Since the hooks sometimes cut into his flesh, they occasionally had to stop shooting because Chaney started visibly to bleed.

The film as a whole still packs quite some punch despite its age, and, since it sticks closer to the tone of the Leroux novel, is an interesting contrast to the modern, much more romantic adaptations. It’s in the public domain by now, and can be downloaded or watched for free here.

For my little reenactment, Mopey was an obvious choice for the Phantom, meaning that one of the male characters had to don Christine’s dress. All three of them attempted some quick thinking to get out of that, and I guess it’s no big surprise who turned out to be the backmarker in that race. And pink is really not Biff’s colour…

So, I hope you’ll all be enjoying your Halloween, and still have enough nervous strength left for Thursday, when another monster will finally be unmasked here at BMC: the invisible killer! Please vote.

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