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Home to not one, but several of Hyung Kim's awesome comics and tons of other weirdn...uh, goodness...good weirdness. Main feature at this point is 'Kill Harry', the second best Harry Potter x Kill Bill crossover I've ever seen. XD OK, OK, in reality it's the best HP x KB xover I've ever seen, and it beats an awful lot of other stuff I've seen, as well. (If Kim has in the meantime been replaced by some Mexican...uh...- Hola!)

Sentimental Horde
Hand drawn in a classical comic strip format, Sentimental Horde offers a glimpse on life in an epic fantasy world - seen from the perspective of the little guy involuntarily recruited as cannon fodder into the vast army of darkness. Plus tips on dating mythical creatures.e 'cute' category for Nekobot.

Faerie Tales
Hand drawn fantasy epic, set in a world of faeries and many other magical creatures. Surely not your Granny's fairy tale, though, with a more mature and dark atmosphere, and very unique characters. (Rated MA for Yaoi, although it hasn't shown up yet.)

Love Prohibited
Very beautifully drawn Shounen-Ai/Yaoi comic, about a boy that falls in love with his (male) teacher. Both art as well as storyline are very engaging, romantic and funny. 10 extra poimts in the 'cute' category for Nekobot.
(No longer active)


Bluecrashkit - the lives of polyamorous superheroes
Hand- drawn furry comic, updating daily, and they really mean daily. Blue, Crash and Kit are furry superheroes whose private and 'heroic' lives are similiarily tangled up, helped along by a large and crazy supporting cast. Funny, furry, geeky.

Heroes of Middlecenter
Hand- drawn, furry fantasy adventure. Full comic page format. Set in the fantasy realm of Middlecenter, an eclectic group of (furry) adventurers confront the forces of darkness and the clich╦s of the fantasy genre. Very cute, 'neo-pet'- type characters.


UC - Deviating from Normality, Wombat style
Hand- drawn, and beautifully colored, well- written, updates Mo, Wed, Fri. Four teenage friends , of very varied personality, get dragged into an epic supernatural adventures. Alternating between serious story chapters and light-hearted fun ones.

Wake Walking
Hand- drawn, mostly full page format. Josh and Lee deal with all the typical college guy problems: time travelling, Zombies, imaginary demon monkey, we all went trough that. Imagine a mix between Jay & Silent Bob, Penny Arcade and Dawn of the Dead. At no extra charge, there's an extra sprite-based RPG comic here.
(No longer active.)


Shonen-Ai Kudasai!
"Two gay guys and no plot - it just keeps gettin' better and better!"
Handdrawn in Shonen- Ai style, a really sweet and funny webcomic that never fails to cheer me up.'.

Handdrawn, full page format, updates Thursdays.
A Succubus (not the seducive type, but rather the sexy-but-kick-ass one) and her newly soulless, human sidekick search for an artifact.
Very humourus, with ongoing storyline and some drama.


Relatively new, handdrawn comic, updates weekly. I see a lot of potential in the setting: Kinda 'Dilbert meets Dracula'.
(No longer active.)

This Comic Sucks!
Actually, it doesn't at all. When they registered that domain, I guess they just did not want to put themselves under pressure, but they needn't have worried.


Shabot 6000
Handdrawn, weekly updates. A little robot learns about judaism. That doesn't sound funny, I know, but it is, believe me..

Console- style RPG comic with epic plot and situational humour. Beautifully handdrawn in a very unique style. Regular Xovers with Adventurers.


Protect My Balls
Making love to sheep since 1864.

The Order of the Stick
Stickmen go places. RPG comic (D&D style), with lots of very interesting and unusual characters, including, in my opinion, all fiction's coolest hobbit ever.


Minding my own business
Handdrawn comic about a DJ called Shades, with visualized music and lots of relationship issues: a good guy looking for love and music in a world in which all other men seem to be obsessed with lesbians.

Legostar Galactica
If Gene Roddenderry and George Lucas would have had kids, and they would have been Lego minifigs, their youth would have been somewhat like this comic, probably. If they had ever summoned Cthulhu, at least.


Irregular Webcomic
Lego- minifig comic. Updates daily (and regularly, strangely enough), switching between a dozen different themes, and thus able to Xover with itself.
Weekly polls on questions like "favorite particle", and discussions on the feasability of Coruscant.

Ghastly's ghastly comic
NOT safe for work. The funny side of polymorphous perversity. Makes even 'handdrawn' sound sleazy.
Special: MP3s of the author's band, 'Science Ninja Big Ten'


Filthy Lies!
Handdrawn comic about a sarcastic, nihilist jew, his fundamentalist christian, gay roommate and their pet beefsteak. Mhmm, beefsteak.

Handdrawn. Sometimes drama, but mostly humour. Well, I guess that's difficult to avoid if you have a diverse group of teenagers prone to changing size, gender or even species with little provocation.


Elfonly Inn
Handdrawn comic about an RPG chatroom for elves only. (And vulcans, mercenaries, sayians and eternal sweepers.)
Unfortunately on extended hiatus, but the archive is abundant.

Count Your Sheep
Sweet and charming, handdrawn comic about a young girl, her mother, their imaginary sheep and life in general.
This one is for all ages and inclinations.


Photographic chronicle of the trials and tribulations of our time's premier actoress bear-bear.
Getting a bit dirty lately. (The bear, not the plot.)

Brewster Rockit - Spaceguy!
This space hero of less than stellar intelligence and his very motley crew boldly venture where many ventured before - but in completely new ways. Daily strips + Sundays..


Handdrawn RPG (console style) comic of truly epic proportions, stopped counting at 999 episodes. Hella fun. Award for worst haircut (villain) goes to: Khrima.

8bit Theater
Spritebased RPG (console-style) comic. Already more than 500 episodes of witty humour around a group of adventurers that are nowhere near as clich╦ as their generic names suggest..


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