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Snuka's lootbag

Professor Dr. Dr.'s "Close Examanations of the third kind"-Cap!

Mopey's Rest-In-Piece-place.

Mopey's Lunchbox

Webmaster: Now here we got a little problem. To be honest: We do not have a lunchbox like the one Mopey used in kindergarten. This was an invention of the Author. And who got all the work? Me, yep. Okay, here's a little workaround: Buy yourself this wonderful lunchbox at lunchboxes.com for about 13$ and the wonderful sticker (4,49$) at our shop at CafePress.com. Stick the sticker to the lunchbox and, presto: You got a wonderful Mopey-lunchbox. (And it is cheaper than 29,95$ also!)

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The one and only Rutentuten-Figurine!

Slideshow Collectables is proud to present the newest addition to our comprehensive line of fine horror movie collectibles.

Due to our exclusive agreement with bmoviecomic.com, we are the first and only to bring you this exclusive figurine of the silver screen's newest and most terrifying mummy of all time: Rutentuten.

This highly articulated collector's figurine is handmade from the best polycellulosis on the market, and presents an amazingly undeadlike appearance of the infamous reanimated pharaoh.
The figurine is in 1/14th scale, and comes complete with a small scenic base, sporting the sacred bowl of Isis and a name plaque.

In Rutentuten's finely sculpted hands are the mummification knive used to eviscarate Mopey in the infamous, uhm, 'Mopey- eviscaration' scene and a screwdriver. (Okay, he hasn't got a screwdriver in the movie, but such things can always come in handy, can't they?)
This model will be produced only once, in a strictly limited run of no more than 60 billion pieces, and therefore we have to insist on a buying limit of 10 pieces per shipping adress.
399.95 $ + VAT + shipping/ handling + insurance + 5 $. hen they'll know!

Order now and makes us rich!
(or wait until I get these shirts and cups here. The Webmaster)

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